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Information about Real-M services

“REAL-M” LTD works with proven architects and constructors which create qualitative projects with optimization of the used materials for their building.


On the basis of rich experience REAL-M realizes even personal investment projects. For example: Complex “Panorama” in Velingrad, Business Centre “REAL” in Pazardzhik. Among the realized investments projects are dozens of residential complexes.
REAL-M LTD offers our clients engineering decisions which economize expenses and time, while at the same time we look after for optimal fulfilment for all processes in the construction.
REAL-M LTD is a promising partner, proven with the year of process of constructional assignment. This is evidenced through the great number of built projects with local and foreign investments. The company works successfully also on programs financed by the European Union. REAL-M LTD has long-year experience in construction of vertical planning and their adjacent facilities.
Buildings constructed as personal investments of the company are rented or sold successfully on the market through the years.


Partners & Clients

 Our clients and partners are Bulgarian and foreign physical and juridical people, with which we support long-year relations


What says Clients about us

Real-M LTD is in service of their clients


GreenEnergyDevelopment Photovoltaic plants and CCTV
For our clients and our wish to be useful, in many ways, we partner and mediate with companies, in which we have found our ideas and aims. In the face ofReal-M LTD, as their client, received responsible and professional solutions. Leading role has our aim to grant good quality, in a short term and introducing of innovations jointly with our partners, with which we have built for any length of time trust and correctness in our interrelations.


Why choose us ?

Real-M LTD as a company has proven itself, with its long-year experience, as a reliable partner and responsible to its clients.


Who are we?
The company imposes itself as a reliable partner with the high quality service, planning, construction and short terms of carrying out the projects, with continuous consideration to the wishes of our customers.
How we work?
Real M is specialized in designing of production, public, residential, tourist buildings and sports facilities. Construction, finishing and repairing works in the region of industrial and civil construction.
Excellent service
The politics of the association is aimed towards perfecting of the management system of the quality and service of clients, through more fully satisfying their requirements.We are with personal attention to our clients.
Building and construction of administrative, industrial and residential buildings are part of the services of Real-M ...
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About Real M

REAL-M LTD is established in 1995 with main activity designing and building of production, public, residential and tourist buildings; construction-montage, finishing and repairing jobs in the area of the industrial and civil construction, including the investment activity.

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